What we do

My Gene Jewel extracts DNA to create unique personalised patterns which are used to create beautiful pieces.
We have developed our own technology to create jewels where the DNA remains present and part of the pattern.
This produces a living testament, a story of a life. With a choice of colour, they become vibrant items to wear.

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Every My Gene Jewel tells a story

As your family grows like a tree and your members diverge like branches, your DNA roots will always remain the same. Recognise this special bond with a My Family Gene Jewel.

The My Gene Jewel story is one of giving. I consider it a privilege to be able to create a unique jewel which captures a life story.

Michael McKew is an Entrepreneur based in Queensland, Australia.  With a background in biotechnology, Michael pioneered the process of taking a sample of DNA and combining it with vibrant colours to craft unique designs to embed in stone, creating a beautiful jewel with a story.

Each jewel is unique and can become a feature of any piece of jewellery your imagination fancies. With an attention to detail, Michael oversees the production of every jewel.  He is a specialist in designing and hand crafting jewellery pieces to capture a special moment in time, stories of those we love. Since establishing My Gene Jewel in 2013, Michael has provided one of a kind pieces to customers internationally. “What inspires me every day is the ability our pieces have to say something”.

They tell a story or share a memory that is unique.” says Michael. Michael started My Gene Jewel in an effort to raise funds to finance the start-up of a Research Company, with a focus on the development of DNA Computing and Therapeutic Proteins.

Michael McKew

Founder – My Gene Jewel




Fernvale, Queensland 4306