Stillbirth Foundation of Australia and My Gene Jewel Partnership


My Gene Jewel is pleased to announce our official partnership with The Stillbirth Foundation of Australia.

My Gene Jewel provides its services to many people for many reasons. One of the most touching requests for Gene Jewels is from unfortunate parents who have lost a child through stillbirth. These unfortunate occurrences prompted us to contact the
Stillbirth Foundation of Australia to inquire into the possible development of a partnership between our two groups. Victoria Bowring, the CEO of the Foundation was our first point of contact and was curious to understand the product more and how we could work together.

Since then, we have worked together to develop a partnership agreement where every sale made through he site using the code, “stillbirthfoundation” will generate a donation to the foundation.

If you wish for a donation to be made from your purchase, please use the code “stillbirthfoundation”.