Taking Care of “Your” Gene Jewel!

Taking proper care of your jewellery is always important, but it can be especially important when caring for “Your” Gene Jewel.  When a Gene Jewel is created, it is done so with the upmost care and a level of attention to detail that is unmatched. This is why it is so important to care for such a unique item.

When you first receive “Your” Gene Jewel, always give it a nice clean with a soft cloth. Examine closely to see if there are any imperfections and if so, contact us immediately and we will happily assist (this should never happen :D).

After you have examined “Your” Gene Jewel, taken in its beauty and enjoyed showing it off to your friends for some time, it is worthwhile just giving it a quick clean every couple months. All this takes is a clean cloth with some alcohol spray applied to the cloth. Gently rub the stone with the cloth to remove dust or other materials that may have accumulated during this time. On a side note always remember to try and avoid submerging or exposing the jewel to excessive amounts of water if possible. While we have tested in water and they have passed, we do not recommend doing so as we cannot recommend that it will not undergo damage. Long term water testing at this stage is still in process.

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) also offers some great general tips on jewellery care. You can access this for further reading at https://www.jaa.com.au/consumers/guidance/general-advice-and-care-of-jewellery

Thanks again for reading and for your continued support for My Gene Jewel. Have a great day!

My Gene Jewel Team