Essential Baby and Toddler Expo Sydney Visit

Last September we had the honour of being invited by The Stillbirth Foundation of Australia to attend the Essential Baby and Toddler Expo in Sydney. As mentioned in the past on social media and our website, we are involved in helping support the foundation through the sale of our jewellery product. We had our products displayed within the Stillbirth Foundations booth for the expo.
The event was very well executed, with the Stillbirth Foundation gaining a lot of exposure and receiving a great reaction from expo goers. A special mention to Vitoria Bowring, the CEO of the Foundation, showing her incredible level of dedication manning the booth for the whole three days, Penny Ryan who organised us and ran everything behind the scenes and last but not least Lindy McKew, our head creator from the My Gene Jewel team who also manned the booth for the whole three days and answered the many questions about the product.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude and admiration to the Stillbirth Foundation for their great work and we hope to continue to help them into the future.

If you wish for a donation to be made from your purchase, please use the code “stillbirthfoundation” during the shopping process on our site.