My Gene Jewel utilises DNA to extract unique personalised patterns which we can then use to create beautiful pieces.

What is DNA and Genes?

In general terms Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a complex molecule that contains all the information necessary to build and maintain an organism. The different units of information that are made up of the DNA and determine an organism’s characteristics are known as genes.

DNA and genes are what makes you who you are!

How does the process work for creating My Gene Jewel?

The creation of a Gene Jewel involves 4 important steps.

  • A hair sample is obtained and treated to isolate DNA from the sample
  • The DNA sample is then purified and mixed with the correct volumes of selected colored genetic dye.
  • The solution is allowed to diffuse for a set time before being infused into a stone.
  • The stone, now infused with the colored DNA sample is professionally set into a stunning piece of jewellery.

How do you collect the DNA?

Before the extraction of the DNA from a hair sample in the laboratory, the hair sample is collected via kits that are posted to the customer. The kit contains a sealable bag which is marked to correspond to the required hair sample. The kit is then posted via a pre-paid envelope back to the laboratory for the creation process to begin.

Is each pattern different, even from the same DNA sample?

Yes, If a Gene Jewel is created with the same DNA samples and colours, the pattern formed would be different every time a Gene Jewel was created.

How do I purchase a My Gene Jewel?

Visit the shop area of the website and select who your My Gene Jewel will be for.  Just follow the simple steps to create your own options.

Can I use My Gene Jewel in any piece of jewellery?

Yes, you can simply purchase the stone and take it to your jeweller to create something new or even add it to an existing piece of jewellery.  We also have a variety of options to choose from landing from pendants to cuff-links.  We would also be happy to talk to you about creating something special to meet your needs using our jewellers. Contact us today.

Can I choose any colour?

Yes, we can match any colour.  We have a wide variety of colour choices in our shop, but if you require something specific, for a small additional fee we can customise a colour.  We can discuss it with you or you can simply send through a sample of your colour choice once you have completed all the other choices in the shopping area.

How many DNA samples can be used in one My Gene Jewel?

My Gene Jewel accommodates for up to four individuals or DNA samples to be included in one Gene Jewel.

Can the DNA be extracted from the jewel and used?

The genetic material within the jewel cannot be extracted without being destroyed. It exists in the jewel “in tact”, however through the heating process that would be required to recover the stone the DNA would be destroyed. As a “My Gene Jewel” customer you have no need to worry about your genetic security.

How do I know this is my DNA?

“My Gene Jewel” follows strict DNA extraction, isolation and purification processes and provides a certificate that identifies DNA purity, guarantee and the signature of the laboratory professional performing the extraction.

Is “My Gene Jewel” waterproof?

The Gene Jewel is not 100% water proof generally due to the nature of the product being a biological agent. Testing of the various Gene Jewels have revealed everyday moisture occurrences such as rain and moisture (humidity) will not affect the Jewels spectacular appearance. However constant showering or hand washing dishes, particularly with hot/warm water have in some cases affected the colouring of the jewel. For this reason try and avoid any contact with water if possible.

How long does it take to receive “My Gene Jewel”?

Your “My Gene Jewel” in most cases will take 2 weeks to receive, however often with postage issues and demand we give a time frame of 2-8 weeks to receive.

Is there a guarantee with my jewel?

“My Gene Jewel” stands by its product guarantee of supplying a product that has been crafted in accordance with recognised industry quality standards and is guaranteed for workmanship!

Each “Gene Jewel” comes with a certificate of guarantee!

How much of a hair sample do I need to send?

Generally, the more the better! However a minimum of two strands of hair with roots in tact will be sufficient.

What is involved in the creation of a “My Gene Jewel”?

A “My Gene Jewel” is hand crafted by artists and laboratory technicians and takes approximately two days to complete once the sample has been received. Every step in its creation is completed with the greatest care and with the highest quality.

What if I am a Jeweller, can I sell My Gene Jewel to my clients or use it in my pieces?

Yes, My Gene Jewel can be purchased as a stone on its own.  You can use that stone to create any piece of jewellery.  Jewellers can also resell My Gene Jewel by electing to become a free partner through our website.  Once approved you will have access to a dedicated shop on the website.

Do you distribute globally?

Yes, My Gene Jewel can distribute around the world.  We already have clients in many countries.  We have a standard international shipping fee which will be applied in the shopping cart when you complete the selection of all your items.

Become A Partner

My Gene Jewel partners with jewellers and retailers around the world not just to make our jewels available to your clients.  You can simply resell our pieces or if you are a jeweller, access exclusive offers to our jewels so you can use them in something you create for your clients.

Our jewels make a great support for a diamond and any other precious stones.  They are flexible and can be made in a variety of sizes.

It’s free to become a partner for any jeweller or retailer.  Simply complete the no obligation form below and we will be in contact with you.

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